Cheap Follow Focus

Did you try a silicone jar opener for a cheap follow focus?

jar opener for diy follow focus puller

Found it to not hold well
and to be too jerky, not smooth enough...

buy the FocusShifter and you will have a
professional grade Focus Puller at a budget price.

Cheap Follow Focus Rig

Simple, Affordable Follow Focus Attachment DSLR camera

This is a cheap, but well made, no gear follow focus with a marker board and hard stops, which easily and securely attach to your camera lens without the need for rails or additional gear. Works with most lenses, from 56mm (2.20in) up to 98mm (3.86in) diameter. Also available for smaller or larger lenses.

If you have a lens filter that just won’t come off,
FocusShifter may also work to loosen a stuck lens filter.

The FocusShifter™ allows you to pull focus smoothly and easily. It'll save you money, because you won't need to hire a focus puller. It's cheap, but not cheaply made. It's inexpensive, but adds priceless professionalism to your video work.

FocusShifter™ is a successfully funded Kickstarter project

For details and to order
your Follow Focus visit

Question: Hey, this is a great little FF, but will it mount onto Canon's 50mm EF 1.8 ii. It has a thin tapered focus ring, with a 52 mm diameter.

Answer: FocusShifter works for your lens (Canon-EF-50mm-f-1.8-II-Lens). The FocusShifter belt is made of neoprene and will hold well on the focus ring if it is clean (no oily finger prints etc.) Occasionally, a thin rubber band inserted between the focus ring and the FocusShifter belt will improve the holding ability.

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